Day One Mile One 

Being the adventures of Ian Kenneth Huckelberry Brown … 

 Its really Gods country .. The sun is now setting on my first 20mile day .. The mountains glow gold and hold a haze .. My feet hurt and even after 45 years ive found a few muscles i didnt know I had ! Im gearing up for a heavy duty Chocolate Shake and a Pizza in a Diner , the size that can only be bought in The U S of A …

 Five Oclock this morning i was in San Diego . I was ‘hiker hosted’ last night by Bob Rees , who hosts eighty plus hikers each year . Picking them up at all hours from tain , bus and airports . Last night he hosted six of us .. For free .. In his own home .. I collected my boxes of new hike gear id had sent to his address .. It was like Christmas .. The other hikers who shared a room with me talked trail late into the night , pouring over maps ,equipment checks and swapping the latest updates on water and trail closures . 

 Hours after we met we stood at the trailhead on the Mexico border . Bob smiled and reminded us “The full brevity of your journey will only become clear when you see my tail lights disapearing !” .

 In the growing dawn the ice cold dew began to mist . Walking out into the huge granit boulders was inspiring , humbling and exciting . I found a rythm just a mile into the walk , and kept the cadance on coffee fumes for at least ten miles . 

I was visited by an amazing Californian Blue Jay who stopped me in my tracks . Brasenly appraising me , when he had taken in his fill he darted off . Like me , on his way into the unknown day . 

 Later lunch .

 Cheddar , Twix , Peanut Butter … Mmmm Trail Food … Pure Grot .. But a bit of paradise non the less 🙂 

 Hiking on I was visited by some beautiful raptors . Buzzards and Eagles , hunting thermals . Looking lazy in the sky , but all raw power and sharp claws in reality. They were the anthem of my day , winging me to my destination , journeying with me over the last rise . To the Magical view of Lake Morena and the camp site I will sleep in tonight . 

 I will ‘Cowboy camp’ under the stars tonight and probaly for the next week , as the weather is perfect . 

 When I arrive on camp im met by a bunch of Brits , on the trail too .I get talking to a bloke from Birkenhead .. He says he has been here for thirty five years and explains it wasnt really planned . He says he fell in love with it “Its really Gods country ” he smiles “Like Wales ” he adds quickly .. We laugh .. I know just what he means .. 


 Right where is that Milkshake ?!?!?